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So I can only assume this is the part where you actually wanna know more about me. Well I was born in Augusta, Maine on May 9, 1979. A pretty thin kid (as you can see by the picture here) I was often found racing bikes or playing Dungeons & Dragons (you can see where this is going).  

In High School I was a drama guy (yay for not getting laid!) and I wanted to pursue a degree in Theatre.

It was at this time that I decided I wanted to be a fat guy as well.

College sucked, as did my social life. It's tough rocking the mullet in 1999. During this time I participated in many shows at the University of Maine and eventually graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Theatre. 

As far as after college goes, I went straight for the Actor's Studio Drama School. Well ok not straight... but you ge the idea. The Studio switched campuses and bailed the first year I got there, and so did I. I got a job as James Lipton's assistant (from that show on Bravo). If you don't know who James Lipton is... well here you go.

So after a few years living broke in New York City, I decided to try my hand at stand up.

I did stand up for 3 years, each time getting a little better and better. You can check out those in my VIDEOS section. I also worked on several movie productions as a production assistant (I have several movie credits). The biggest movie I worked on was I Am Legend. I got to work with several talented individuals and meet many wonderful people. I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity that some only dream of. Later on, when my Dad died, I decided it was best to move back to Maine and follow my dream of having the world's most boring job. FINALLY SUCCESS! So I'm currently trying to get back into the game of doing stand up while actually making money. So now that you're caught up, isn't everything all better? I think so.